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To better provide expert services to the peat industry, STEIGER Engineering has entered into an agreement of cooperation with the Finnish consultancy company Biodiili Oy. Biodiili Oy is a consultancy firm specializing in the effective production, market introduction and environmental impacts of bioenergy. Working with our clients, we develop solutions for the utilization of forest, agricultural and peat energy and for the recycling and processing of municipal waste and sludge. In addition to the principles of energy efficiency and sustainable development, the latest climate and energy policies of the European Union are integrated into these solutions.

The European Union aims to cut its carbon dioxide output by 20 % by 2020, while increasing the amount of renewable energy use by 20 %, reducing its energy consumption by 20 % and raising the share of biofuels in transport fuels to 10 %. These targets are different for each member country. Finland, for instance, aims at increasing its renewable energy usage by 38 % in comparison to 2005, which is almost double the average EU rate.

These ambitious targets present considerable challenges for the energy markets in the near future and force states, municipalities and companies to plan sustainable energy solutions. As a consultancy firm, we intend on participating in the development and implementation of sustainable energy solutions throughout the European Union, including initiatives aimed at increasing the use of local energy sources.

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