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  Mining and aggregate industry  


•  Base study for national strategy of oil shale mining in Estonia 2016-2030

    (Ministry of the Environment)


• Mine plan for Sonda oilshale mine (Kiviõli Chemistry)

• EIA of Harku III and IV limestone quarry (Quarry of Harku Co)

• Geological research of Kohtla-Järve II cement limestone deposit (VKG)


• Geological research of Attatart Um Gudhran oil shale deposit in Jordan

   (Jordan Oil Shale Energy Co)

• EIA of Kogula limestone quarry (Moreen)

• Comparison of mining conditions Oandu and Sonda oil shale mining fields (VKG)


• Control survey of 8 quarries (Ministry of the Environment of Estonia)

• Hydrogeological prognosis of Northern part of Harku limestone deposit

   (Quarry of Harku Co)

• Project for underground workings in Kohtla mining museum

   (Kohtla Mining Museum)



• Geotechnical research in Suur-Pakri island for nuclear power plant site selection

  (Estonian Energy)

• Base study for national strategy of natural construction materials of Estonia for

   2010 - 2020 (Ministry of the Environment)

• Mining project for Põhja-Kiviõli II oil shale opencast mine

   (Kiviõli Oil Shale Processing & Chemicals Plant)



• Draft project of Maardu underground granite mine (Maardu Granite Mine Co)

• Mining project for Naissaare marine sand deposit (Veelinna Real Estate)

• Evaluation of limestone reserve in Kohtla-Järve area for cement production (VKG)



• EIA of solid heat carrier (TSK-500) for oil shale retorting

   (Kiviõli Oil Shale Processing & Chemicals Plant)

• Geological research of Arumetsa clay deposit (Saint-Gobain)

• Analysis of Vermeer TI225 continuous miner tests in Väo limestone quarry

   (Väo Paas)



• Comparative EIA of Ruu limestone quarry mining technologies (Väo Paas)

• Mining project for Männiku II sand quarry (Silikaat)

• Applied study of more environmental friendly carbonate rock mining technologies

   (Ministry of the Environment of Estonia)



• Draft project of Usnova oil shale mine (Riverito)

• EIA of Naissaare marine sand excavation (Veelinna Real Estate)

• Estimation of blasting ground vibrations impact to Tallinn-Narva gas pipeline

   (Limestone Products Factory)



• EIA of Põhja-Kiviõli oil shale opencast mine

   (Kiviõli Oil Shale Processing & Chemicals Plant)

• Development plane of Anelema dolomite quarry (Reiden Dolomite)

• Resource estimation of Väo limestone deposit (Estonian Limestone)


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